Self-hosted Gaming
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Hello everyone!§ 

This site aims to be a guide for setting up your own dedicated game servers.
Each game has it's own site, containing a full installation guide and all files that we are allowed to publicly shared.

If there is no guide for your game here yet, please think about contributing to the project.

Disclaimer: For now, those guides are for hosting on Linux based systems, even though the instructions can be applied to Windows systems most of the time as well.

Best practices§ 

Whenever you're done with your server setup, check out the best practices. There're examples for some best practices, that should spare you some headache and prevent you from some common mistakes!

These include:

The Project§ 

This project is open-source on Github.
The idea is to create an archive and a well of knowledge for self-hosted game servers.

Looking for hints on how to set up a specific dedicated gaming server can be a real hassle.
It sometimes feels as if you're digging through archives to find some arcane knowledge for summoning a terrible abomination. The information you're looking for is are often spread amongst a variety of forums, Steam community posts, and blog posts.

These posts are often outdated or vague. On top of, this forums and blogs go offline all the time.

That's why I decided to start this project. Let's keep everything we learned in one place. A place where everybody can easily contribute to it, where it's easy make a quick backup of everything and on a website that will most likely not go offline in the next 50+ years.

So, if you have some hidden knowledge on how to set up a specific game, please create an issue or pull request on the official repository.

It's very much appreciated and it'll most likely help many other desperate and annoyed server operators out.